Creativity and Team-building Activity for Management Students

Group Discussion of Management students
February 18, 2016
Campus Placement – Mobikwik
February 22, 2016

Date: 17 February, 2016
Name of Activity: Build the House
Venue: GD Goenka University, Gurgaon
Faculty In-charge: Dr. Neetima Agarwal
Number of Students: 34 (BBA-Sem 6) divided in 3 groups
Objective of Activity: Creativity and Team Building
Material Required: Newspapers, One pair of Scissors, One Tape

Description: Students were supposed to pick up a chit. Every chit contains names of animals like Cow, Duck and Cat. Students were supposed to identify their respective groups using sound of animals like Quack-Quack (Duck), Meoww (Cat) and Cow (Owww).

Later on using 10 newspapers students were supposed to build houses for the respective animal. A house should be well-ventilated, should have options of doors, sunlight, moonlight and others. The catch was that they have only one pair of scissors, and one tape kept at a common place. Only one student from the group (nominated) can come to the table and get tape as per requirement.

Students have enjoyed the activity and have made beautiful houses, well-lit and ventilated.

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