Guest Lecture on “Project Finance”
April 16, 2015
Report on the Guest Lecture on Start-up – Incubator
April 21, 2015

Date: 11 April, 2015

Venue: Whispering Winds Resort, Sohna

Experiential learning is said to be the most effective method of training. Being pragmatic in nature its scope is vast and approach to the masses is easier. The outdoor activities provide an effective learning platform and challenge for the individual as a team. The adventure and exercises promote self-discovery and a powerful insight into one’s own and team’s work styles and behavior. Therefore at GD Goenka University we conduct Faculty Development program on a continuous basis using a variety of methods for delivering the content.

Recently School of Management organized an outbound training program at Whispering Winds Resort for all the employees of the University.

The primary objective of this training was to ensure that all the employees know each other well and to break the ice between the faculties across the various schools the day began with the team building training session. Individuals were segregated into teams and the first game was “Human Machine” followed by the “Spider Web”. In both the exercises natural leaders emerged in the group and synergy and a harmonious coordination was very much visible in the groups during the conduct of these exercises. After the break the “Sponge Squeeze” wherein water had to be transferred from a full bucket to an empty bucket using your team and a single sponge! The last team building exercise of the day was “Big Ball Volleyball”. Certified facilitators seamlessly helped participants to co-relate the learning from these outdoor activities to workplace issues.

Even a sunny day could not dampen their spirits and after a sumptuous lunch all were geared for the adventure activities- Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, Twine, Parallel Rope, Rappelling, Rock Climbing tom name a few .The natural environment and outdoor activities added to the fun quotient and the team building program helped in acceptance and openness to risk taking.

The concluding session saw the swimming and rain dance session wherein everyone danced away the tired ness of the day. To conclude we all are looking forward to more of these sessions as they make us realise that these outbound management programs exercises helps us improve in the areas of teamwork, team bonding, time management, problem solving, communication, leadership, decision making, motivation, change and personal development.

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