Marketing Club Activity
March 20, 2015
Report on the Guest Lecture
March 27, 2015

The activity was conducted for BBA 4th semester students and the topic was “Budget 2015 and its impact on the economy. The topic was discussed form the point of view of various parameters like,

  • impact on common man
  • impact on corporate sector
  • impact on infrastructure
  • this year’s rail budget

Lot of viewpoints were discussed. Some of the participants were happy with the way the current government has rolled out the budget whereas others spoke against the performance of the current government. The discussion got a little distracted when it became more of a political discussion rather than budget analysis but it turned out to be very interesting and liked by all who attended. There were a lot of takeaways from the discussion like discussions about the fiscal policy, the revenue and expenditure of the government expenditure and most importantly, some of the grass root level problems were discussed by the students which was appreciated by all.

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