GDGU International Case Conclave ELIXIR December 5, 2014

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Elixir: An International Case Conclave organized on December 5, 2014 by School of Management, G.D.Goenka University, Gurgaon aimed at providing a platform for presenting cases and creating a repository of cases that will benefit all the stakeholders in future. This phenomenal day started with a formal welcome address by Dr. P.K.Goel, Dean, School of Management and the lighting of lamp by the dignitaries. This was followed by a welcome note by honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. Raj Singh. Dr. Singh, in his welcome address, briefed about the evolution of case study methodology and highlighted on its pertinence in up gradation and attainment of knowledge. After this address the book of proceedings as released; proceedings was done by the chief guest, Dr. Veeresh Sharma, Professor, MDI, Gurgaon, Dr. Nagendra Chowdary, Head Economic Times Cases, Dr.Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, G.D.Goenka University, Dr. P.K.Goel, Dean, School of Management and Dr. Samar Sarabhai, Professor, School of Management.

The key note address during the inaugural session was delivered by Dr.Veeresh Sharma. In his address he emphasized on case study as an effective method of teaching in B-Schools as it helps the students in learning by doing and equi-finality which eventually lead to simulation and implementation of ideas. During this session, the guest of honour Dr. Nagendra Chowdary in his address, shared his varied perspectives related to case study pedagogy. He elaborated how case study can develop skills such as intuitive thinking and analytical abilities.

In the end of the inaugural session, a vote of thanks was extended by Dr. Samar Sarabhai to all the dignitaries, delegates, guests and G.D.Goenka University team for their unconditional contribution in making Elixir a huge success.

The entire day was dedicated to four technical sessions. Session I was chaired by Dr. Nagendra Chowdhary. Session II was chaired by Dr. Deepak Khanna and Dr. Tanuja Kaushik. Session III was chaired by Dr. P.K. Goel and Mr. Rajneesh Kler and Session IV was chaired was by Dr. Nagendra Chowdhary and Dr. B.V.L.Narayana. In these sessions, very engrossing and interesting cases, such as Challenges of ERP Implementation, Financial Story of Middle Class People, Home for the Forgotten Ones, Pre-requisites of Team Success, Business Process Re-Engineering, Women and Work Life Balance, Maximising Employee Performance, Out of Box thinking by Recruiting Differently-abled People and The Investor’s Dilemma were discussed.

In the end a valedictory session was organized. In this session the conference report was presented by Ms. Ramandeep Kaur where she briefly explained the conduct of the entire day and also shared about what insights the dignitaries gave. After the report presentation, honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Raj Singh addressed the gathering and shared about his experiences regarding making this day a meaningful day. In this session, Dr. B.V.L. Narayana in his address, shared how case methodology is the dearer method of learning. He also congratulated the University for the Success of the event. Later, Dr. Samar Sarabhai honoured Dr.B.V.L. Narayana by presenting small token of gratitude. At the end of the valedictory session a vote of thanks was extended by Dean of Management, Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Goel where he acknowledged the hard work of everyone associated in making this event a success.

Participants appreciated our effort, organization of the event, and hospitality very much and promised to participate in our future events. All faculty members of SoM worked toward making this conference a success from getting the cases to the final event.

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