HR and Communication club

Teachers’ Day 2016 Celebration
September 17, 2016
September 29, 2016

Exploring the Creativity and Imagination

The Communication Club of SOM organized an activity on September 21, 2016 based on making ‘Best out of Waste’ by using old newspapers. This activity was organized to explore the creativity and imagination of students along with improving their presentation skills.

In this activity, the students were divided into 5 teams and they were given a bunch of old newspapers and cello tape to create something productive. Newspapers were used in variety of ways to create something useful and innovative. The students made varied products such as smell free and recyclable dustbin, wall clock, hand bags, flowers, ball, kite and many more.

The efforts of the students were remarkable and the most creative and well-presented teams were adjudged as first, second and third prize winners.

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