Learning and Development for “making students corporate ready”

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February 2, 2015
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February 16, 2015

“Making students Corporate Ready” is the mantra that is closely followed by the GD Goenka University’s Education system. Therefore continuous learning and development are the key essentials to make it to the corporates successfully and further climbing up the ladder in career. Keeping these guidelines in mind GD Goenka University’s School of Management under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Pradeep Goel and Dr. Tanuja Kaushik have initiated the programme of SIX SIGMA conducted by British Standard Institution (BSI) at the campus itself. This way students get the required training at the University Campus itself. The main objective of this programme is to ensure that students get additional knowledge and acquire the required skills to enhance their abilities to perform their jobs in the best way. BSI group creates standards and provides various trainings to the corporate houses. Their vast enriching experience has helped students to acquire those skills that will make them industry ready. Once the students enter the industry they are already trained professionals having skills that distinguishes them from their counter parts. Other courses that are offered through BSI for our students are Lean Management, IT service Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Information and Security Management, to learn the skills of Business Performance, Business Risk and Business Sustainability.

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