M.Sc. – Supply Chain

Programme Overview

Duration: 2 Years | Programme Code: 010303

The M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management equips the students with advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical skills in order to identify the areas for improvement within an organization to gain the competitive edge. Logistics and Supply Chain Management forms a significant part of any business and improvement in this area will give the company an added competitive advantage. Therefore, this programme is designed for high caliber graduates from science and engineering disciplines, seeking to gain experience to work at all levels of the company, from operational to the strategic.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Develop enhanced quantitative and qualitative skills to support decision making in any logistic area within an organization.
  • Enable the students to design the key functional areas of supply chain system.
  • Facilitate the students to respond to the dynamics of the supply chain.
  • Design and develop integrated information technology system for efficient and responsive supply chain.

Programme Outcome

At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • understand the importance of supply chain management in competitive business scenarios.
  • apply knowledge in the areas of inventory, transportation, warehousing, location, reverse and green logistics and customer and supplier relationships.
  • become proficient in the decision making for efficient and effective supply chain management.
  • understand the global practices of Information Technology applications in key

Programme Highlights

Teaching is done through interactive sessions in the classroom. Real life situations and scenarios are shared through videos, audios, role plays, tutorials and group work. Emphasis is laid on practical learning which is simulated through case studies and live projects. The knowledge and skills of students are assessed by innovative techniques using scientific parameters.

Some of the major areas that will be covered

Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, New Product Development and Innovation Management, Spreadsheets and Decision Support Systems, Network Design, Data Mining and Forecasting, Warehousing and Transport Management, Management of Operations, Management Science Modelling, Marketing, Financial and Management Accounting, Simulation and Optimization Software.

Career Avenues

One can develop a career in sectors ranging from Purchase Manager, Strategic Planner, Purchase Analyst/Assistant, Materials Analyst, Materials Manager, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Commodity Manager, Inventory Manager, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Operations Manager, Sourcing Manager, Warehousing Manager, etc.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in any discipline from UGC approved University. In addition, applicants will also have to successfully complete Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Course Structure


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NA New Product Development and Innovation Management3003
NASpreadsheets and Decision Support Systems 3003
NAConcepts in Supply Chain Management3003
NAProduction & Operations Management3003
NAMaterials Management3003
NALogistics & Distribution Management3003
NAProject 1/ Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits21


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NAData Mining and Forecasting 3003
NAWarehousing and Transport Management3003
NAManagement of Operations3003
Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management 4004
NADecision Models and Optimization3003
NATotal Quality Management3003
NAProject 2/ Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits22


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NAManagement Science Modelling4004
NAFinancial and Management Accounting4004
NASimulation and Optimization Software4004
NAPerformance Management4004
NABusiness Statistics and Database Management4004
NAProject 3/ Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits27


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NADigital Marketing4004
NAHeuristics & Optimisation4004
NAManaging the Multinational Enterprise4004
NAStructure and Organisation of the E-Commerce Enterprise3003
NAOrganisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management4004
Dissertation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management168
Project 4/ Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits30
Total Course Credits100
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