Management club Activity-Supply Chain, IT & Operations

Guest lecture on value investing
April 8, 2015
Guest Lecture on “Project Finance”
April 16, 2015

Theme:“Traditional Vs Modern Manufacturing Process”

Date : 3rd March, 2015, Time: 3.30 PM -4.30 PM

A management club activity was organized on 3rd March, 2015 in the lecture hall between 3.30 PM -4.30 PM. The theme of activity was “Traditional Vs Modern Manufacturing Process”. During the event movies on Ford T model (Traditional) and Toyota’s manufacturing (Modern) process were shown to students. Two movies lasted for around 30 minutes. Students debated on comparative advantages of modern i.e lean operations in contrast to traditional practices. After debate for around fifteen minutes, a quiz was conducted to assess their learnings. In the last part of the event, student also conducted interesting management puzzle to test individual’s analytical bend. The event was attended by BBA and MBA students and total number of students present were around 35.

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