Message From Dean

Welcome to the School of Management at G D Goenka University, where we provide a strong supportive environment for our students, equip them for success in a global work environment and emphasize experiential learning.

We currently offer programs at the undergraduate level which include BBA with specialisms, BCom in association with ACCA and ICA, and at the postgraduate level MBA with specialisms, MSc in Supply Chain Management, PGD’s and a PhD program. The curriculum for these degrees are contemporary, provide students with experiential learning opportunities, including case studies, client projects and internships, with the ultimate goal of preparing students for success in the field of their choice. 

Our faculty collaborate with business leaders from industry for developing curriculum, and for creating and refining programs that prepare students for future careers in business and academia. Students are exposed to running a business with the help of simulations and are encouraged to develop and test their ideas in various entrepreneurship courses.

We are very international in our approach and have collaborations with highly ranked Universities including but not limited to Regent University (UK), Lancaster University (UK), The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), University of Essex (UK), University of California San Diego (USA), University of Wollongong (Australia), University of Western Australia (Australia) and Sunway University (Malaysia). These collaborations include student opportunities to study abroad, attend summer school, articulation and faculty research and exchange.

In the School of Management we have a diverse student body which enhances student learning by developing an understanding of different cultures, regional and gender differences and by applying this knowledge in their courses whether it be in the production of effective marketing strategies or understanding customer needs and preferences or price sensitivity of different socio-economic categories. This is valuable learning which our students can leverage in their jobs

As you ponder over the next step in your academic journey I encourage you to visit us and interact with our faculty and current students. Should you join our family, you will benefit from the coaching of experienced mentors, make loyal friends, and become part of a community that will last a lifetime.

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