PGD – Sports Management

Programme Overview

Duration: 1 Year | Programme Code: 010106

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Management will help the students to fast-track their career in today’s dynamic sports industry. This course is ideal for graduates who are interested in making a mark in the Sports industry. The well-designed curriculum will train and prepare individuals in the main aspects of Sports Management. The curriculum of sport management & business, combined with valuable sports-related field experiences gives a solid foundation for a sport management career. The Course is designed to give students a professional exposure to the structure, economic impact, organization, marketing, funding of the sports Industry as well as current trends in sports and relationship between sports and the mass media.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Develop a systematic and indepth understanding of knowledge and a critical awareness of current problems, provide new insights for the advanced study of contemporary issues in sports management in a stimulating, multi and interdisciplinary student centered learning environment
  • Develop originality in the application of knowledge together with a practical understanding and application of theoretical and research skills necessary to create and interpret knowledge in the discipline
  • Utilize the advanced knowledge and understanding of sports management to deal with complex issues systematically and creatively.

Programme Outcomes

Towards the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • critically discuss Sports Management (e.g. Organizational Theory, Sport Marketing, Resource Management etc.).
  • analyze strategy and operations in sports organizations, within India.
  • analyze and evaluate organizational structures and design in sports organizations and its impact on organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • critically discuss management of resources, both people and finance, in sports organizations; including a critical awareness of ethical, environmental and legal issues, which underpin Sports Management.
  • analyze and synthesize theoretical and practical foundations of sport marketing and sponsorship.
  • critically understand Sports Management in sports facilities, sports events and

Programme Highlights

The course has dedicated modules to cater to the emerging needs of the sports Industry, Sponsorship, Broadcasting, Quantitative Methodology, Research Methodology, Media Relations, Infrastructure Management and Sports Law.

The curriculum and the teaching pedagogy are constantly upgraded to make it both industry and market friendly by offering a complete market environment to the students so as to equip them to manage sports organizations with new ideas.

Some of the major areas that will be covered

Management of Sports, Leagues & Teams, Sports Facilities Planning & Management, Sports Marketing & Merchandising, Sports Funding and Financial Management, International Sports Management PR, Sponsorship & Advertising in Sports, Sports Event Management, Sports Law & Risk Management, International Sports Management.

Career Avenues

This Programme is designed to cater to the demand from various institutions and industries for appropriately qualified people to manage Sports related jobs such as Sports Managers, Professional sports coach and trainers, Intercollegiate Athletics, Facility Managers, Community recreation, Campus based sports, Sports Information managers, Sport marketing, Sport journalism, sports event managers etc.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in any discipline from UGC approved University. In addition, applicants will also have to successfully complete Goenka Aptitude test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Course Structure


Minimum of 23 credits to be earned in this semester. • 23 credits (from core courses) in which: 3 credits (from Inter Disciplinary Project OR Amalgamator)

Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NA Management of Sports , Leagues & Teams4004
NASports Facilities Planning & Management 4004
NASports Marketing & Merchandising4004
NASports Funding and Financial Management4004
NAInternational Sports Management4004
IPT 1001NAInter-Disciplinary Project 1 / Amalgamator (As offered)202/3003
Total Credits23


Minimum of 27 credits to be earned in this semester. • 27 credits (from core courses) in which: 3 credits (from Inter Disciplinary Project OR Amalgamator)

Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NAPR, Sponsorship & Advertising in Sports4004
NASports Event Management4004
NASports Law & Risk Management4004
Community Sports Development4004
NAManaging Sports Organisations4004
NAInternship Training Report and Viva & Voca4004
IPT 1002 NAInter-Disciplinary Project II / Amalgamator (As offered)202/3003
Total Credits27
Grand Total50