PGD – Supply Chain Management

Programme Overview

Duration: 1 Year | Programme Code: 010105

The Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management provides an opportunity for vertical growth. Students acquire professional competencies in procurement, lean management, warehouse management, inventory management, materials management and logistics, leading to an improvement in their job skills and self-enrichment. The program begins by laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of what supply chain management is and how it can be effectively used to increase an organization's efficiency and profitability. The program further examines different Supply Chain Management strategies and methods of forecasting demand, aggregate planning and network design.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Enable the students to become effective supply chain managers and leaders in the business world.
  • Familiarize the students with the process of procurement and material management.
  • Help the students determine how to control costs and ensure market penetration.

Programme Outcomes

Towards the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • collate and integrate diverse functions of supply chain management.
  • apply sales and operations planning, MRP and lean manufacturing concepts.
  • apply logistics and purchasing concepts to improve supply chain operations.
  • apply quality management tools for process improvement.
  • take decisions on the basis of decision models.

Programme Highlights

The concepts are introduced and explained gradually in a series of lectures followed by case discussions of real world, quizzes, role plays and audio-video film. In order to make the classes interactive, emphasis is laid on practical learning which is simulated through case studies, actual projects and learning by doing. The parameters of assessment are professionally developed for each competency.

Some of the major areas that will be covered

Production/ Operations Management, Materials Management, Logistics & Distribution Management, Concepts in Supply Chain Management, Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Supply Chain Management, E-Business, Project Management, World Class Manufacturing, Decision Models

Career Avenues

One can develop a career in sectors ranging from Purchase Manager, Strategic Planner, Purchase Analyst/Assistant, Materials Analyst, Materials Manager, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Commodity Manager, Inventory Manager, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Operations Manager, Sourcing Manager, Warehousing Manager, etc.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in any discipline from UGC approved University. In addition, applicants will also have to successfully complete Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Course Structure


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NA New Product Development and Innovation Management3003
NASpreadsheets and Decision Support Systems 3003
NAConcepts in Supply Chain Management3003
NAProduction & Operations Management3003
NAMaterials Management3003
NALogistics & Distribution Management3003
Project 1/Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits21


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NAData Mining and Forecasting3003
NAWarehousing and Transport Management3003
NAManagement of Operations3003
Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management3003
NADecision Models and Optimization3003
NATotal Quality Management3003
Project 2/Amalgamator202/3003
Total Credits21
Total Course Credits42