School of Management Class Activity: Open the Johari window

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March 3, 2016
Campus Placement – NYG Enterprise
March 4, 2016

Name of Activity: Johari Window- Knowing Yourself through Feedbacks

Venue: GD Goenka University, Gurgaon

Faculty In-charge: Dr. Neetima Agarwal

Number of Students: 34 (Course: Career Development, Preparation and Transition)

Objective of Activity: Self-Awareness through feedbacks and Self-Assessment

Material Required: A-4 Size sheet, Safety Pin, Pen

About the Activity: This activity was designed for final year graduation students who are taking the course on “Career Development, Preparation and Transition”. It is important to know about your blind areas before planning the career.Students were asked to stick papers on their back and they have to reach as many as students of their class and request those people to write about the Strength, Weakness and Threats which they perceive exist in the individual’s personality. This was a blind exercise where students don’t know who has written what about them. After this exercise, students were asked to rate their agreeableness on each comment/compliment which they have received. Students while doing this exercise learnt how to give feedback in the team as well as how to utilize other’s feedback.

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