“Smart Cities: Gift to Coming Generations” on 2nd March 2016 Resource Person – Dr. Neetima Agarwal

School of Management conducted FDP on “Determinants of Assimilation of Open Source Enterprise Applications”
March 14, 2016
“Trade Liberalization and Productivity” on 10th March 2016 Resource Person – Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mangla
March 14, 2016

A Faculty Development Programme (FDP-2016) was conducted in the School of Management, GD Goenka University, on 2nd March 2016 by Dr. Neetima Agarwal, Assistant Professor – SOM. The topic for the FDP was “Smart Cities: Gift to Coming Generations”. It was conducted from 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Block – A (School of Management Block). The facultyhas attended the FDP on this topic from School of Management – GD Goenka University. The resource person in this FDP started her discussion with the very basic idea of Smart Cities with the help of a video. The session was aimed to sensitize faculties about Smart City and its development. With the help of a presentation the concept of smart city and the benefits were explained. In this session various benefits of smart cities like sustainability, urban development, Tourism, Public participation and role of social media were discussed. Few of the challenges which would arrive with smart city like political, human, security and technological issues were also debated in length. The discussion ended up with several questions like what are the parameters of choosing 20 cities for smart city development, what will be the source of money for development and who will reside in these smart cities. It was really a fantastic session.The feedback of the participants for the FDP was very positive. However, just one day for one FDP was not enough!

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