Students of School of Management creating the NEWSBOX

Campus Placement – Indusind Bank
March 2, 2016
Analysis of Budget 2016 in School of Management
March 3, 2016

Venue: GD Goenka University, Gurgaon (Inside Classroom)

Faculty In-charge:Dr. Neetima Agarwal

Number of Students: 31 (BBA-Semester 2) divided in 3 groups

Objective of Activity:Team Building, Brainstorming and Creativity

Material Required: Newspapers, Chart-paper, Fevi-stick

Description: Students were asked to create the news box in the group on various topics like: Job Market, Investment, and E-commerce. First of all the team members have to identify theme on the given topic. All the news related to that theme then to be collated and a new box to be created using them.This activity would promote collaboration, loyalty and a sense of empowerment, as they develop an appreciation of how each participant is capable of shaping news box based on that theme.

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