Dr Vikas Jhawat

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Dr. Vikas Jhawatis an expert in the area of dosage formulation development using the novel techniques. He is teaching Quality Assurance, Cosmetic Science and Industrial Pharmacy at GD Goenka University (India).

Prior to joining GD Goenka University in 2018; he worked as an Assistant Professor in Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be) University. Vikas also worked as a Quality Control Analyst in Venus Remedies, Baddi; Himachal Pradesh and was engaged in the testing of anticancer, antibiotics and analgesic drugs. He has hands-on experience on sophisticated instruments such as HPLC, GC, UV spectroscopy, FTIR and other analytical instruments.

Vikas Jhawat holds PhD degree; Master degree and bachelor degree from Maharishi Markandeshwar University.

He has also done PG diplomas in Pharma Regulatory Affairs form BII, Noida and Product Management from ISBM, Chandigarh.

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Formulation development and characterization of controlled release core in cup matrix tablets of venlafaxine HCl’, Current Drug Therapy,(Maddiboyina, B., Jhawat, V., Sivaraman, G., Sunnapu, O.P., Nakkala, R.K., Naik, M.H., forthcoming).

‘Alpha adducin (ADD1) gene polymorphism and new onset of diabetes under the influence of selective antihypertensive therapy in essential hypertension’, Current Hypertension Reviews, 15(2), pp. 123-134. (Gupta, S., Jhawat, V., Agarwal, B.K., Roy, P., Saini, V., 2019).

‘Angiotensin converting enzyme gene insertion/deletion polymorphism is not responsible for antihypertensive therapy induced new onset of type 2 diabetes in essential hypertension’, Clinical Medicine Insights: Endocrinology and Diabetes, 12, pp. 1–10. (Jhawat, V., Gupta, S., Agarwal, B.K., Roy, P., Saini, V., 2019).

‘Prevalence and risk factors of essential hypertension and new onset of diabetes in essential hypertension in rural population of Haryana’, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), pp. 142-148. (Jhawat, V., Gupta, S., Agarwal, B.K., Roy, P. and Saini, V., 2018).

‘Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity of different milk-based formulation of curcumin in rat model’, Current Drug Delivery, 15(2), pp. 205-214. (Gupta, S., Kumria, R., Chauhan, S., Chattopadhyaya, I., Jhawat, V. and Sharma, M., 2018).

‘Comparison of the prescription pattern of antihypertensive drug therapy over time and its association with severity of essential hypertension’, International Journal of Pharma Research and Health Sciences, 5, pp. 1994-1998. (Jhawat, V., Gupta, S., Agarwal, B.K., Roy, P. and Saini, V., 2017).

‘Quality by design (QbD) approach of pharmacogenomics in drug designing and formulation development for optimization of drug delivery systems’, Journal of Controlled Release, 245, pp. 15-26. (Gupta, S., Jhawat, V., 2017).

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‘Formulation and evaluation of novel controlled release of topical pluronic lecithin organogel of mefenamic acid’,Drug delivery, 23(9), pp. 3573-3581. (Jhawat, V., Gupta, S. and Saini, V., 2016).

Research Monographs, Books and Book Chapters
‘Pathophysiology of alzheimer disease: current drug therapy’, in Rahman, A., (Ed.),Frontier in clinical drug research-Alzheimer disorders, 6. (Gupta, S. and Jhawat, V., 2017) pp. 87-109.

Current Research

Vikas Jhawat’s current research interests are focused on formulation development of novel dosage forms for cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases based on the genetic biomarkers derived from pharmacogenomics and nanotheranostic principle.

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