Mr. Gopendra Singh

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Gopendra Singh is expert in formulation development using nonoparicles and fond of teaching Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System to Pharmacy students.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2019, Gopendra Singh served as Junior Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (India) and as Product Development Analyst in R&D lab at Lifecare Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (Indian Pharmaceutical pioneer in Liposomal formulations) for five years (2009 to 2014).

Gopendra Singh is pursuing PhD from Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, Delhi, holds MS (Pharmaceutics) from NIPER-Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad and B. Pharm from University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan.

Publications (from 2015)

Research Monographs, Books and Book Chapters
Filed an Indian patent“Composition containing functionalized chitosan, and implementations thereof” (Reference number: FT/IDF/12/2018/142 Application number: 201911023786). (Singh, G., Koul V., and Nayal, A., 2019).

Contribution to the Professionand Awards (from 2015)

He has experience of working on various research projects funded by ICMR, DBT and DST for scale-up and translation of biodegradable polymer-based nanoparticles for anticancer, anti-tubercular, antifungal, antimalarial drugs. The project for biodegradable polymer-based nanoparticles for anti-tubercular drugs have got approval for clinical trials.

Current Research

Gopendra Singh’s current research interests are focused translation of functionalized bio-polymer based (chitosan, alginate, dextran etc.) hydrogels and electrospun scaffolds for hemostat and wound healing.

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