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The Social Media Marketing course has been designed to provide hands-on, practical training on how to engage with customers, build brands and increase sales. Through a series of lectures, case studies, workshops, projects, and guest lectures, students learn how companies and brands are leveraging Social Media platforms to achieve their marketing goals. The students build Facebook pages, tweet marketing messages, post photographs and create digital campaigns to understand the power and reach of Social Media marketing. The students also do a three-month internship with a Social Media company to get hands on experience in this emerging but highly exciting field.

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10 Reasons to Join this Course

You will learn:

  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Inbound Marketing
  3. E-mail Marketing
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Use of Social Media Listening Tools
  7. Use of Social Media Publishing Tools
  8. Designing of marketing campaigns
  9. Creation of suitable responses to what people are saying
  10. Assess the credibility of Social Media content

Eight Social Media sites where you will learn to run marketing campaigns

Job Opportunities

Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the most exciting careers today. Unlike other professions, students can carve new strategies and make a name for themselves. The openings are across the spectrum: from corporate houses to academic institutions, from media organisations to hospitals, from sports firms to IT companies, everyone needs Social Media marketing professionals. There is no shortage of well paid jobs, and the future is great.

Entry Requirements

Graduation in any field from a UGC approved university. In addition, candidates will also have to successfully complete a Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Annual Fee: Rs 60,000

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