The Climb

“We all come from the sea, we are not all of the sea. But those of us who are, we children of the tide must return to her everyday only to give back what was touched all along the way.”

Whether you are a 9-5 workaholic or a school going kid, we all love travelling. To travel is to live, they say. Traveling not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. It compels us to think about everything that is right and wrong with this world. Not to mention, it shows us just how beautiful this world can be, when you think there’s just no hope. But what is heartwarming is the fact that we all define traveling in our own way. One cannot object to another’s meaning of traveling. For some it is a way of having fun and instilling adventure in their lives. While, for others, it is a way of getting lost and finding themselves in the process. Few might do it for the thrill and the adrenalin while few do it to embrace new cultures and traditions.

The more you travel, you realize that there is more to travel and the experience and exposure only humbles you. You tend to realize that the destination doesn’t matter but what truly matters is the journey. People who travel capture moments through photography and relive them as memories, years down the lane. Such is its nature.

For me, travelling is stepping out of my zone and going to a place where I find a part of myself that I never knew existed. Whether it’s watching the sunset at the golden gate bridge in San Francisco or climbing the mighty Himalayas, we all find a way to satisfy our soul. After all, all those who wander aren’t lost and maybe all those who are lost want to be found within.

Shankar Keshav
B. Tech First Year
G D Goenka School of Engineering

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