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July 8, 2013
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September 3, 2013

It is so interesting to see how a particular day turns out to be an unusually exciting day just by the turn of events. It started like any other day with everybody rushing to get to class on time, brushing away the morning blues.

It all changed when the class started with Syed sir entering the class in a very light and vibrant mood. With the same vibrancy, he continued with the presentation, which was not only full of knowledge but also highly interactive. One could see all the students intrigued and interested in the presentation.

We had three sessions. In the first hour, we got to know about various success and failure stories of various companies.
I felt we were all enthused by the puns and witty taglines used during the presentations. From the presentations, I got the insight to how to increase customer delight and goodwill. I got introduced to the necessary traits required in a service professional and how each trait is inter-related.

In the second hour we exchanged inputs regarding the research of various companies and their stories.Everyone got involved in the discussions about our forthcoming presentations with valuable inputs from sir adding to the excitement.

However, the best was yet to come. In the third hour we shared our research with the other professors and the class. It got very interesting and interactive when sir started sharing stories and his experiences from the industry. Many enthusiastic hands shot up when sir asked for an impromptu presentation. Suddenly the class got abuzz with whole-hearted discussions about the presentations. This concluded with wonderfully done presentations by a few students, which were as fun-filled as the day had been.

After the presentations, every member of the faculty applauded the students, who had prepared presentations in very little time, for their brilliant efforts. The day ended with everyone returning home with happiness and a sense of pride, having taken away immense knowledge from our peers and faculty.

This was one of the experiences regarding Learning Media. Learning media is put across to students in a way such that every student is enthused and motivated to learn more and involve themselves in class.

In the learning media class, the students are involved in every aspect. When a presentation is used to educate us, the students ask questions in order for a better understanding of the topic. When the time comes to decide in what way the students will present their learning, our faculty interacts with us regarding the various ideas and aspects of presenting the same.

After school, this method of learning seems very different and interesting. There was only one way of learning in school, i.e. through books, a fixed syllabus or exams and tests. Learning media involves students in every way, in a way new to us.

This new method of teaching makes me look forward to each learning media class. At the beginning of each lecture, there is a curiosity as to what we are going to learn and what interesting way.

Only 3 weeks have passed and we have already learned a lot. We are learning great new things everyday. Our faculties involve the students in the class, through role-playing activities, student feedback throughout presentations, etc.

 I really look forward to what we have to learn in the coming years. The new ways, in which we are being taught about the various aspects of the hotel industry, are very interesting.

Saatvika Handa

BHM- 1

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