Webinar On Regular Expressions In Search Engines by Mr. Nishant Arora (Google India)
April 14, 2016
Guest Lecture on “Web Development using Open Source Tools” by Mr. Viqar, IBM India
April 22, 2016

From 4-8th April 2016, GD Goenka School of Engineering organized Pre-Placement Interviews (PPI) forits students. Department of Computer Science and Engineering along with Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, has taken this initiative to start the pre placement (mock) interview process for students who are in their pre-final year to enhance their interview skills.Everyday a group of 15 students were interviewed by a panel of 6 faculty members in which interviewers focused on each applicant’s technical skills, communication abilities and extra–curricular experience.A feedback form for PPI was prepared in which every interviewer mentioned some points that were shared with the candidates during the interview and later with their respective faculty mentors for further guidance.

Pre–Placement Interview is an opportunity for students to explore their skills, interests and their capabilities in terms of facing an interview.As the time of on-campus placement is round the corner,it is our top priority that the students a replaced in the right companies where their skills can be utilized to the maximum.The main objective of conducting the pre-placement interview is to sensitize the students about ‘right dressing’, ‘right body language’, ‘self-introduction’, ‘technical & communication skills’, and removing the hitch of facing interviewers.

This whole process was helpful in identifying the areas of improvement for the students before the actual placements begin, so that they can work on the identified issues and improve their personality. These interviews were a practice platform for the students and now they will be better prepared for next phase which will be conducted in the upcoming semester to assess the efforts made by them on the feedback provided during PPI.

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