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September 26, 2013
"SOFD is really lucky to have such an awesome Dean on their side" – Krishna Maniyar
October 15, 2013

“Art and design are not mere words but emotions that manifest my being”, shares Ms. Nishrin Pishori, Head (South India)- Couture and Business Development at Tarun Tahiliani.

Design and art was the topic of a recent industry interface at GD Goenka University, Gurgaon, when, Nishrin Pishori, Head (South India)- Couture and Business Development at Tarun Tahiliani and Associate Prof. at National Institute of Fashion Technology was the guest lecturer.

Ms. Nishrin Pishori who holds a Design degree from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York has more than 20 years of experience across the wide spectrum of fashion brands including Eddie Bauer,  Nordstrom, London Fog etc.

Ms Pishori shared her design philosophy “Art and design are not mere words but emotions that manifest my being.” She further added “to be a successful designer you have to be passionate about your work and never shy away from it.”She told the students “All my learnings happened here in India. After my 4 years of course in designing when I went to FIT, New York, I felt complete. It complemented my prior education. I was able to put all my skills to use”. She talked to students about the difference between art and design and the possible limitations to the field in the real world. “To make it to the top in the industry”, she adds, “not only one should have the right skills and spark but also strong networks. You should also be a confident communicator”.

About her experience at GD Goenka Univeristy, Ms. Pishori shared “I love the infrastructure. Students here are confident already. They were participating, asking questions.They had no fear and that’s the new education. Nice classroom and such bright students made me also excited and inspired me to give my best. GD Goenka University has got the act right”. She concluded by advising students, “There is no substitute to hard work.”She wrapped up her presentation by fielding a host of questions from the students and faculty.

Saumya Jain from Communication Design said, “The university is providing us with life time opportunity. Interaction with Ms. Nishrin Pishori was very enriching. She talked about difference between art and design which is the basic root of the field. I also learnt about different constraints in designing and the fact that your idea may be good but it may be not good enough for consumers. I also came up with my design philosophy during the session- art works are perfect but design changes.”

“The lecture was very enlightening. It taught us difference between art, design, fashion and style and also got us thinking as to how to get that individual philosophy. I also learnt how important feedback is. I am more of an artist but todays’ session helped me to come up with my design philosophy which is Tiptoeing the line between art and design,” said Vishakha Somani of Fashion Design.

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