G.D. Goenka University at the Auto Expo 2014
February 25, 2014
Students of SOFD and Faculty visited the 'INSERT 14' and 'Be Open' exhibition on 23rd Feb 2014 at Mati Ghar, IGNCA grounds, Janpath.
February 28, 2014

Capsuled notions, hungry eyes, thirsty minds and super-excited imbalanced poise kept entering the venue with one and only goal: To Be Astonished!

Blazing the wheels on fire and pumping the heart’s RPM to the fullest, we entered the Auto-expo venue and were escorted directly to the Volkswagen display arena. We witnessed the unveiling of The Taigun, the compact SUV segment, one of its kind exclusively made for the Indian Terrain. The session included interaction with the Chief Designer of the Volkswagen Automobile, followed by a luncheon at the VIP lounge. We prepared ourselves to explore the rest of the Expo.

Hunting down all the preconceived innovations, we came across loads of unexpected new revolutionary concepts: the Mahindra THAR CRDe 2014 and the Mahindra Hollow. They executed their tag well-RISE.

Honda displayed some elegant futuristic concepts as well. A lot many boxes went by before we finally entered the magnanimous hut, Arena 15, housing BMW, JAGUAR, TATA, LAND ROVER, MINI COOPER, MERCEDES and more. Engines raving, needles drifting, rubbers burning and exhausts hounding; this place was heaven for any Automobile-enthusiast. The magnificent poise of the BMW i8 stooped every mean machine to mere carbon cages.

The visit was rather invigorating and it certainly opened up our minds to new and space-age concepts.

Write-up by Krishna Maniyar (Product Design 1st sem)
Photos by Avijit Singh (Product Design 1st sem)

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