BBA and the MBA Scholars had the golden opportunity to interact with Mr. Sanjeeva Shivesh
September 25, 2013
An Enriching Experience for Young Entrepreneurs
September 26, 2013

This speech was given by Mr. Sanjeev who is an entrepreneur. He told us his experience and many things which we have learnt for him during his speech.He said that entrepreneurship is a new way of life.

That means freedom and freedom means entrepreneurship. True the people who are entrepreneurs are free to view their ideas…Ideas mean innovation.

What is entrepreneurship?

It is the process of converting ideas into reality.And yes that idea should be innovative.

Is innovation necessary in entrepreneurship?

According to Mr. Sanjeev yes innovation is necessary but one should have self -belief with them. There are many different types of entrepreneurs around the world. In entrepreneurship there is always a risk about getting your idea stolen and used.During speech he said that Innovation is one of the MANTRA in an entrepreneurs.Work hard even if you are innovable you still have to work hard. He said that Smart Work is just better substitute hard work with capital. Yes capital can be many types like Money, Man power etc.

Entrepreneurs should be inspire and motivate to work .Entrepreneurs sell his idea to vision and to work hard.

Yes there are many Entrepreneurs around you and you can be one of them.

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