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December 26, 2013
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January 7, 2014

On 3rd December 2013, students of MBA from School of Management went on a site visit to the Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon. The objective of the visit was to analyze and comprehend the various logistical processes that are involved in the delivery of goods from the point of origin.

The ICD at Garhi Harsaru is fully owned and operated by Gateway Rail Ltd. Firstly we were shown a PPT on the evolution of containerization, warehousing, transportation at the EXIM operations of the Gateway Rail. We got to see the transportation ways used by the GatewayRail i.e. primary railways that deliver containers all over the country. They also provide container trunks (normal and reefers) for pick-ups and delivery to warehouses for their existing major clients.

Next operations we witnessed was of warehousing, where we first came across the concept of “bonded area” in warehouses. The way in which containers were stored for EXIM trade was worth commending. Containerized as well as boxed cargo were clearly stacked separately for export and import and domestic delivery. This also made it easy for customs to check and clear the cargo for further shipments.

At Gateway we learnt about various technologies that are and can be used for faster and efficient order placing, warehousing and transportation. The overall experience was one worth remembering. The practical know-how of EXIM operations will without a doubt help us further in the times of Global economy. We thank our professors and Dean, Dr. P.K.Goel for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity.

Nitu Bhattacharya

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