First Year Engineering Students Visit Enrich Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd., Rohtak
March 30, 2016
SoAP Day -2
April 1, 2016

On 12th March 2016, School of Engineering at GD Goenka University organized a visit to “Ashray Bhawan” Faridabad, an orphanage home built to uplift the needy and underprivileged children with a commitment to provide shelter, education and skill to prepare them for a self-reliant life. A group of ten first year students and two faculty members, Dr. Sonika Batra and Dr. Priyanka Sharma, visited the orphanage. It provides theorphan children with a healthy, pollution free environment, security, good nutritious food, medical & health care, satisfactory level of education and skill training to make them self-sufficient.

On arriving there, the GDGU group was greeted warmly by the kids and founder of Ashray Bhawan. It currently houses 55 kids and 3 caretakers.The group got a quick tour of the place, which has 3 dormitories, a separate dining room, play room, music room, class room and computer lab. After the tour,the students spent time with the kids, talking to them, playing games with the younger ones, and seeing some of the older ones sing & play the guitar in the Music room.

Ashray Bhawan is in need of funds for building a separate girl’s home and an Ashray Skill Training Centre. To help them meet part of their requirements, funds were collected from the students and faculty members of the University.

The purpose of the visit was to sensitize the students of GD Goenka University to the hardships of under-privileged children, and try to inculcate in them a habit of contributing towards the less fortunate, and spread awareness of such causes. As the students will go on to become working professionals & businessmen, hopefully this visit will make them realize their social responsibility of giving back to the society that they belong to.

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