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November 2, 2015
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December 8, 2015

GURGAON, NOV 28: “India is a festival of youth and democracy whose size and diversity creates unique challenges but that is what makes the country unique,” said Dr S.Y. Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner of India, while delivering the convocation address at the first Convocation of G.D. Goenka University in the university campus on Friday.

At a time when the nation was celebrating the Constitution Day, Dr Quraishi reminded the young audience of the vision of the founding fathers.’They ensured that women had voting rights from Day One as against USA which took 140 years to give voting rights to women and England which took almost 100 years to do so.’

The former Chief Election Commissioner also spoke of the size of India’s electorate.”India has more voters than the voting population of all countries in Europe,” he said.”When you compare this with Africa you realise that India has 200 million more voters than the voting population of all the countries of North and South America. Even Africa has less voters than India.”

The large voter base, its spread and diversity brings in its own unique challenges. He recalled how he had to set up an election booth for a single voter living deep in Madhya Pradesh forests. ‘There were six polling personnel, and one voter.’

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof (Dr) Raj Singh, while delivering the VC’s address at the glittering ceremony, pointed out the significant strides the University has made in less than three years of its existence. “The University, even before it had completed its first year, sought recognition from the University Grants Commission. It received this recognition too, becoming one of the youngest universities to achieve this honour.”

Prof Raj Singh stressed the focus on research and interdisciplinary approach in its learning process. “The University’s Faculty has published 278 papers in the last two years while its students have developed products such as low-cost 3D printers as part of their inter-disciplinary learning.”

Twenty three students of the School of Management, School of Law and School of Hospitality were conferred degrees at the highly impressive convocation ceremony.

The ceremony began with a solemn procession led by the Pipers of the 7Th Assam Regiment. The procession included among others the Vice Chairperson of the Group, Mrs Renu Goenka, the Managing Director of the Group, Mr Nipun Goenka, members of the Governing and Academic Councils, Deans, University officials and Faculty members.

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