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October 15, 2016
VISITS-Educational Visit to The British Council
October 22, 2016

School of Humanities and Social Science, GD Goenka University organized a guest lecture by Dr. Mukta Vasal, Chief Child Psychologist, Crafting futures Pvt. Ltd. On Child Psychology, however her main focus was on “Autism Spectrum Disorder”. It was an exclusive workshop for all the Undergraduate and Postgraduate psychology students. Dr. Vasal’s session was an interactive session. Most students who were interested in Clinical Psychology and Child Psychology took full advantage of her presence by asking her several questions.
She showed the students several videos to showcase how sessions take place, as many students were curious to know about it. Students got the first hand on experience as to how assessments are done and how difficult it is when it comes to diagnosis as they are dealing with a child. With her knowledge and experience, it was an enlightening session for all of the students. She explained how Crafting Futures work and how they have equipped Child Psychologists and trainers on board. Dr. Vasal also discussed how parents of special needs children are trained. She says that the home environment is also very important. So, her agency trains and equips parents with tools which would help the child in development.







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