A good outdoor knowledge is the best recipe to preach: Visit to UltraTech Cement, Kotputli, Rajasthan
December 3, 2013
"We learnt a lot about the industry that we would enter in the near future" – Shriem Kapur, SoH
December 12, 2013

Venue: B012, G. D. Goenka University

Date: 9th December 2013

Time: 1030-1230 hrs

Organized by: School of Engineering

Guest sessions form an integral part of engineering studies which nourish student engineers with latest know-how in various fields. Experts from academia and industry need to interact with students actives for mutual benefits, thus creating a lively ecosystem of knowledge sharing and creativity.

Starting a series of guest lectures, School of Engineering invited Mr. Vinay Chaddha (founder of GVC systems Pvt Ltd) to deliver a lecture on Arduino based control systems and Android apps. Dean of School of Engineering Dr. Deependra K. Jha welcomed the guest speaker by presenting flowers as a token of appreciation from G D Goenka University.

Under the coordination of Mr. Mandeep Narula (assistant Professor, School of Engineering), a Seminar Hall filled with about 140 cheered up students of Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Communications, and Computer Engineering listened enthusiastically to Mr. Vinay Chaddha, who utilized their excitement on stage by asking for volunteers to create programs for Arduino and apps on their Android phones. Students worked out various means to get desired output from Android digital pins and wrote programs to control lightings of LED lights connected to them. Two students went as volunteers on stage and modified programs for controlling lightening of a series of 3 colored LEDs. Arduino based microprocessors are widely used in the field of engineering. Being open source, Arduino has become the most favorite choice for scientist and engineers to make devices for labs. Hence students at G D Goenka are encouraged to work in this field during their studies and possibly come up with innovative solutions to engineering problems.

Later Mr. Chaddha shifted to another interesting field of Android apps. Using Appinventor website, he demonstrated how students can make simple apps for their android devices. Appinventor provides a very simple way to work with icons to write a program and download it to an Android phone to check the end result. Students were very enthusiastic about various options using which they can make apps to run various apps for fun as well as educational purpose. Android phones have captured major market share and hence for computer science students it presents a major working space for software and hardware engineers. Engineers work with mobile apps in almost all sphere of engineering these days.

School of Engineering will continue this series of guest sessions in days to come and thus maintaining the newly formed ecosystem of university-industry based interactions to come up with creative solutions in engineering.

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