April 1, 2016
GDGUICAP 2016 – Photo Gallery
April 8, 2016

On 11th March 2016, School of Engineering at GD Goenka University organized a guest lecture by Dr. Indrajit Roy, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, New Delhi on “Introduction to Nanotechnology”. Dr. Roy has more than 15 years of experience in the area of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences. Prime focus of his research is in the field of Nanomedicine: Diagnostics imaging, drug & gene delivery, multimodal nanoparticles and In vitro diagnostics.

All the engineering students of 2nd semester attended this invited talk. The main objective of the discussion was to make students acquainted with Nanocrystalline materials, their unique properties and diverse applications.

Dr. Roy gave introduction to Nanotechnology and history of research in Nanomaterials. He explained changes of physical and chemical properties at nanoscale. He also explained their applications in the fields of cosmetics, space technologies, diagnostics and therapeutic practices, especially treating cancer, gene therapy and in vitro diagnostics. He also discussed how nanoscale material has made a difference in various areas of engineering and technology such as energy, environmental pollution control, textile, automobile and electronics.

The entire session was quite interactive and students got ample time to get their queries answered. It ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, SoE, GDGU.

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