Prof Arturo Dell – acquaBellavitis- Dean, Scoula di design, Politecnico di Milano University in Milan, Italy, speaks about his work and workshop at G D Goenka University
October 29, 2013
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October 31, 2013

Venue – G D Goenka University Date – 25th and 26th October, 2013  Time – 10 AM – 5 PM

Hacktricks, a Workshop on “Ethical Hacking” was organized by GD Goenka University in association with Techfest – IIT Bombay and Wegilent Net Solutions on 25th and 26th October, 2013. GD Goenka University is one of the 40 zonal centres across India who conducted the event. The Workshop was attended by 64 enthusiastic participants from GD Goenka University as well as from other universities/institutes. Ms. Leesha Aneja and Ms. Shipra Kataria took charge of coordinating the entire eventwith Dr. Shalini Bajaj (Associate Professor, CSE) under the guidance of Dr. Deependra K. Jha (Dean, School of Engineering).

Mr.Hashim Shaikh, Cyber security analyst from Wegilent Net Solutions was the resource person who orchestrated the sessions on both the days. In this workshop, studentswere taught how to be secure from hacking of email accounts & social networking. Various topics were covered such as Networking, goals of security, phishing, email spoofing,Windows Security, SQL injection attacks and many more interesting topics which were related to hacking.

Mr. Hashim introduced the students the basics of hacking and took them through a brief about the networking and hacking. He also showed them the ways of Google hacking. Google hacking is a computer hacking technique that uses Google search and other applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code that website uses. He further explained the concept of SQL (Structured Query Language) and ways of attacks through SQL and the ways of prevention. There was an interactive session at the end of Day 1 where the resource person patiently answered all the queries of the students on hacking.

On Day 2, the resource person took a few key issues related to hacking like Phishing and viruses (Trojan in particular). He explained both the ways of phishing (offline and online) in a practicalway. He also explained in a brief way the techniques of fake calls, e-mails and SMS’s.

The session came to an end in the evening with a competition which comprised of a written test based on the sessions on both days. The results will be declared soon through mail to the winners by Wegilent Net Solutions. At the end, Dr. Shalini Bajaj (Associate Professor, School of Engineering) felicitated the resource person,Mr. Hashim ,by presenting a memento as a token of appreciation on behalf of GD Goenka University.

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