Ayushi Dhaka, a IInd Year student of BA Psychology (Honours), interning at Make Me Builder (MMB)
July 28, 2016
VC asks Research Scholars to undertake socially relevant research
August 3, 2016

Iccha Bhan, a IInd Year student of BA Psychology (Honours), has got an opportunity to do an internship at Brighter Minds, Bangalore. Brighter Minds is an educational initiative for children between the ages of 5-15 years. It is a Brain Development Program. When a child enters school, the logical side (left side) of the brain is enhanced through studying maths, sciences and other subjects as offered by the schools; the creative side (right side) of the child’s mind does not get a chance to develop with the logical side of the mind. This program aims to develop the right side of the child’s mind through various techniques like exercises, listening to specialized music, relaxation techniques and so on. With the help of these techniques and these activities, the child’s cognitive and perceptive skills are also enhanced.

Ms. Iccha Bhan, as part of her internship for the month (June), attended training sessions to become a facilitator for this program and to aid the children through this developmental process. She has also attended live session of how the classes will run. She is also trained for marketing strategies and advertisements modules on how to approach parents and convince them to enroll into this developmental program as this is a very new concept that has been introduced.

Iccha is an intelligent and enthusiastic student. This internship will give her an opportunity to apply the concepts of Developmental Psychology on the growing children effectively.

Congratulations Iccha! We are Proud of you.

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