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March 17, 2016
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March 21, 2016

Ms. Minakshi Biswas, Assistant Professor of the School of Humanities and Social Science (SoHSS), G D Goenka University organised a visit to the Parliament Houseon 10th March 2016 to attend the parliamentary proceedings of the Budget Session 2016.This was a part of the Political Science (Honours) curriculum which was also joined by students of other disciplines of SoHSS.

Priyanka Kesari Warbah, a first year student of BA Political Science (Honours) was instrumental in arranging entry passes for the visit. Mr Vincent H Pala, MP of Meghalaya helped Priyanka and Ms Biswas to get the passes for this educational visit.After a series of checking, the team was guided to enter the House of People popularly known as Lok Sabha. As the House was adjourned for lunch, the students had an hour’s time in hand to see the interior—designs, architecture, history—an experience which enthralled everyone.

The session started with the Deputy Speaker, Mr M. Thambidurainviting Dr Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP of Thiruvananthapuram to give his speech. Dr Tharoor began his speech by criticising the present tax system in place. He mentioned about the fiscal deficit and how it was being replenished by imposing heavy taxes on the poor section of the population. He also pointed out that the price of fuel costs the same for both the rich and the poor which meant that the poorer sections would face severe difficulties to avail basic necessities. The speech was specifically addressed to Mr Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister who was present in the house and was waiting for his turn to respond to the allegations being made by the opposition MP.

Around 3 pm the team was escorted out of the Lok Sabha. After collecting their belongings from the different security checkpoints, the students headed back towards their respective destinations. This was indeed a trip to remember as students got an opportunity to enter the Parliament House and listen to the people’s representatives discussing the present and future of India.

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