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October 28, 2013
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October 29, 2013

What has been the underlying theme of your workshop at G D Goenka University?
Prof. Arturo:The objective wasto make students understand what texture is, how to design a texture and where to apply it. We have a mix of students from different areas and texture has various applications. For example an interior designer would use it in furniture, fashion studentin garment, communication designerswould use itin the website, campaign etc. I also wanted them to understand the importanceof planning and producing at industry level and not just focusing on one single piece as usually is the trend.

How different is the textile industry in India in comparison to Italy’s?
Prof. Arturo:The industry is very similar in both the countries. The difference lies in the kind of fabric we use, the material. For example India is strong in cotton and Italy, in wool. The reference also is quite different. India has a historical background in texture building and I wanted students to have a look at it. Often they look at tradition in a very imitative way. The idea is to look at your tradition and workwith it creatively. Texture is like a heritage in Indian culture.

What are the kind of skills/attributes needed to succeed in this industry?
Prof. Arturo:One needs to be very curious and should go around the world, physically or virtually, to get information and learn the various techniques used globally as well as locally. You should play with the technique or texture in your own way.Knowledge of material is very crucial and always incorporate clients’ needs while designing.

How has the industry changed overtime?
Prof. Arturo:Changes have been according to the revolution of technique. If we look at India, there has been a huge increase in middleclass population and purchasing power. Products are now available for masses at reasonable prices.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?
Prof. Arturo:My work is divided in two parts. One is planning which includes putting your experience in creatingsomethingnew which would make lives of people more pleasant. Second is teaching, guiding young students for their future. I enjoy both these components immensely.

How has your experience been in G D Goenka University?
Prof. Arturo:The experience was great. Everything is very impressive and well organized. What impressed me most was the sense of teamwork among teachers. Teachers have created a friendly and positive atmosphere around and give personal attention to students. The students are also very committed. I believe in the partnership between Politecnico di Milano and G D Goenka University and look forward to coming back soon.

Any word of advice for our students?
Prof. Arturo:Be totally committed to your work. Speak regularly with your mentors and prove yourself. It’s a big competition out there and you should be ready.

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