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April 12, 2016
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April 14, 2016

Resource Person(s) Dr.Nusrat Khan and Ms.Ruchika Shokeen

A Faculty Development Programme (FDP-2016) was conducted in the School of Management, GD Goenka University, on 4th April 2016 by Dr.Nusrat Khan and Ms.RuchikaShokeen, Assistant Professor(s) School of Management.

Topic for the FDP was Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

The session started with a team-based activity. As per the activity faculties were divided into 5 groups with 3-5 members in each group. An envelope consisting of certain shapes was given to each group.

As per the instructions:

  • Each team was supposed to form a square with the help of the shapes provided.
  • The members within the group were free to communicate with each other barring the communication outside the group.
  • The members were left free to see all around if any other shape was required to achieve the target but that too without any barter system.

In the beginning, it was very difficult when each team was busy in isolation. Remarkably when all the teams were made to sit on a single table, each team was able to make a square. At the end, all teams achieved their targets. To conclude the resource persons emphasized the importance of the activity as Teamwork makes the Dreamwork i.e. if we utilize the resources optimally we accomplish our goals for all, that is, the individual, the group and the organization.

The session continued with a presentation by Dr.Nusrat Khan on teamwork. In this context, the story of the tortoise and the hare was discussed with different perspectives. Many videos were also shown to enrich the session with what we say Unity is Strength. It ended up with many impressive quotes on teamwork.It was really a fantastic session.

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