Guest Lecture by Prof. J P Agrawal from Purdue University, USA
January 19, 2015
SPEED-2015: Student's Project Exhibition on Engineering Design
February 20, 2015

The School of Humanities and Social Science, G.D. Goenka University organized 2 days workshop on Data Analysis using SPSS on 16th – 17th January, 2015. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Neeraj Kaushik (from NIT, Kuruskshetra), who is an expert in the field of research methods and has conducted more than 100 workshops on research methods using the SPSS application.

The two days were full of a lot of learnings for those who are currently doing research and inspired many to get involved in research in various ways. Prof Kaushik started off on Day 1 by informing the participants about the basics of research. This included the details on the research process and various sources of conducting review of literature online as well as at actual libraries and centres in and around Delhi. This particular information was especially useful because as researchers we often feel lost about where to look for the right information. He talked in detail about the importance of the Review of Literature in forming our research problem and formulating the hypotheses of research. The participants were also informed about the type of researches and the different approaches each one entails.

Another important area that Prof Kaushik covered was that of research design. In very simplistic manner, he taught the participants how to differentiate between uni-variate, bivariate and multivariate analysis by looking at the research objectives. Following this, he spoke about how to select statistical techniques depending on what the researcher’s objectives are. In this, he delved into various statistical techniques like Regression, Hypothesis Testing and Cross Tabulation.

On Day 2, the focus shifted to the SPSS application. The participants were informed of the basics of the SPSS software. With the help of the data provided by IBM/SPSS in the application, Prof Kaushik demonstrated all techniques that were discussed previously. Simultaneously, the participants practiced the same on their desktops. The workshop was concluded by Prof Kaushik discussing a few case studies that each participant had to individually solve on their desktops. This was followed by discussions around the problem presented in the case studies.

All in all, the workshop was an extremely insightful experience, with the participants getting to know of various references and resources that they can utilize in their potential research areas. Particularly engaging were his many examples given from all walks of life right from music to films to relationships to human behaviour that struck a chord with one and all, thus co-relating and establishing the importance of research in all fields of life.

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