Industrial Visit of ECE and CSE Students to Chandigarh
November 12, 2014
SOFD IITD QIP on the theme "Functional Clothing – Design , Fit & Production"
November 17, 2014

A group of 40 students of B. Tech. – Civil and Mechanical Engineering from School of Engineering, GD Goenka University attended an industrial tour to Indu casting industry at Agra during 7th and 8th November 2014 along with the faculty members Mr. Vikas Khatkar and Mr. Saurabh Ambastha.

The industrial tour was carried out in an ‘education + entertainment = edutainment’ mode where it was a mix of technical experiences and sightseeing. For this purpose, Agra was an apt location. Visit to Sikandra (Tomb of Great Emperor Akbar), Tajmahal, Darbar Hall, Anguri Bagh, Sheesh mahal etc were particularly useful for students from civil engineering as they were really fascinated by the architecture from the Mughal era and were happy to see rich heritage of India.

Visit to ‘Indu Casting Industry’ was a learning experience for all the Mechanical engineering students. Students saw the actual Induction Furnace where pig iron was being melted at around 12500 C for casting various components of tractors, and pump parts. Student also learned about product lifecycle i.e. product concept, product design and product development. Students also learned about various types of casting processes specially die casting. Student also visited quality control dept. and material testing lab. Students had a lot of questions based on theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms and these were answered by personals at the facility. A lot of live examples were demonstrated in front of students. Interesting examples from material testing enabled students to understand intricate details about various critical parameters about casting process to make machine parts.

Discussions about Mughal architecture and their building materials as well as building design had direct relevance to civil engineering studies. Students noted that modern material and designs derive heavily from our ancestors and learning lessons have been carried forward silently for many centuries. Also discussions about casting process ensued during the resting period and students discovered that seemingly simple casting process enables to make complicated structures provided we handle critical parameters involved in the process with utmost care.

Students found edutainment mode of learning particularly interesting. Future visits along the same lines has been planned to engage students in teaching-learning process more effectively.

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