Guest Lecture on "Interfacing Android with Electronics in 90 minutes"
December 10, 2013
Guest Lecture on"Cloud Technology"
December 16, 2013

It was a pleasant morning and a perfect day for the industry visit. The students from the School of Hospitality, for the first time, were going to visit a five star hotel. Even though there is enough time for us to step in and start working, this seemed like a great opportunity to learn about the industry that we would enter in the near future.

We left the university campus around 9:00 am. We were divided in two groups; one group went to Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi and the other to the Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi. Our faculty members- Mr. Sachin Saraswat and Mr. Vishal Apte accompanied us to Taj Palace and Mr. Syed Saqib went with the other group to Taj Mahal Hotel. As we reached our destination we walked for a couple of minutes to the back entrance of the hotel (staff entry). We were then seated in one of the meeting rooms for a presentation which was presented by the head of training department of the hotel, Ms Natalie.

We were taken around the hotel and were shown the beautiful banquets, amazing gardens and the kitchens of various restaurants of the hotel. The most outstanding restaurant in the Taj Palace hotel was The Orient Express, which has set benchmarks and standards for the other restaurants, right from its time of inception and continues to impress guests today also. It was a brilliant experience and the Taj Group and the hospitality was heart-warming.  We learnt a lot from this visit.
A very big thank you to the Taj Group without whom this visit would have not been possible and to our faculty who encouraged us for the visit. We look forward to more interactions with the industry.

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