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April 27, 2016
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CODERS CLUB of GD Goenka School of Engineering organized a two day workshop on “Core java” on 21st and 22nd April, 2016. From the department of Computer Science & Engineering, Head of department Dr. Usha Batra and Assistant Professors Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy & Mr. Kushagra Agrawal were the resource persons for this workshop. The workshop started with a brief but motivational talk by Prof. (Dr.) Sudeep Sharma, Assistant Dean, School of Engineering, emphasizing need and importance of coding. The objective of this workshop was to prepare the final year students for the upcoming placement drives and give an early introduction to the 2nd and 4th semester students about this Java which has been has ranked No. 1 in the list of programming languages by IEEE for the year 2015.

Dr. Usha Batra started the workshop by taking a hands-on session on how to install the JDK,and went on explaining features of Java. She went on to help develop codes checking all key features of Java. This session was followed by a session by Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy who discussed at length about the development of objects in Java; the constructor, destructor, modifiers, specifiers, JDK tools like javap and java IO in great detail. Day 1 of the workshop concluded by him sharing a plethora of programs and guides for students to practice their skills and widen their base in Java.

Day 2 of the workshop began with a session by Mr. Kushagra Agrawal on Packages, Exception handling in Java and the Typecasting methods. This was followed by an intense session on using IDE for GUI development by Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy discussing the pros and cons of the different IDEs in the market. This was followed by a step-by-step guide on using NETBEANS a popular IDE for Java Development, its various tools, features& swing controls. He also addressed the constant questions, doubts and resolved errors that came up during the hands on experience of coding for the questions given by him. At last he threw light on the various tricks of the trade of coding in Java, structured coding tips while constantly stressing on the need to know the basic concepts of object oriented programming.

The workshop ended with vote of thanks by the Coders Club team members Ms. Joshya Mehra, 4th Semester B.Tech. (CSE)& Mr. Subham Chahal,4th Sem B.Tech (CSE).

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