Guest Lecture on “Web Development using Open Source Tools” by Mr. Viqar, IBM India
April 22, 2016
20 journalists participate in Mobile Journalism Workshop
April 26, 2016

On 19th April 2016, GD Goenka School of Engineering organized a one day on-campus workshop on Tattva Shakti Therapy. In todays time when we are continuously subjected to excessive stress on physical and mental level,the inherent process of self-healing is usually hindered. With an aim of giving an easy and effective method to be healthy, Prof. (Dr). Anshu Gupta and Dr. Mayurika Goel, from the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, GD Goenka University, took the initiative to organise this workshop. A group of 39 participants including students and faculty members of different disciplines participated.The workshop was conducted by the founder members of Sacred Association for Love & Rejoice, Acharya Agyaata darshan Anand Nath Ji and Ma Shakti Devpriya.

Several forms of energy healing (popularly known as alternative healing techniques) are getting recognition and utmost importance because of emphasis on the need of holistic health. One such modality from ancient Indian system is to focus on multi-dimensional growth of an individual with Tattva Shakti Technique (TST)that works on our mental, physical and energy levels. The workshop started with an understanding of the auto piloting mode of mind that regulates our life style, then understanding of prakriti and a basic understanding of the mind which is a powerful bridge between the physical and spiritual world. TST is actually a blend of many modern techniques that work on psychological level with a learning to change the thought processes that causes stress and worry. The workshop concluded with a relaxation session with Golden Ball Meditation technique to cleanse and activate chakras that helps to increase the focus and concentration, and was the most appreciated part of the workshop.

This workshop was an initiative towards creating a work life balance which is one of the significant aspect of everyones success in todays time and showed participants how adopting spiritual outlook towards life always brings success.

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