A workshop full of fun and learning

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September 21, 2015
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September 24, 2015

A theatre workshop with focus on voice modulation was organised for the students of the School of Communication on September 7, 2015.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Sandeep Mahajan, a renowned theatre personality, who is also the trainer for FTII and National School of Drama students. Mr Mahajan has acted in more than 25 full length plays, and performed in over 700 shows across India.

It was interesting to see how he got the students into the groove. First, the students were made to do very simple exercises, leaving everybody clueless as to what or why they were doing it.

Mr Mahajan started by simply walking across the room, much like air molecules randomly moving in space. The students were given simultaneous instructions by Mr. Mahajan to follow him, ‘Stop’, ‘Stand’ and ‘Freeze’ in a manner unknown to them.

By the time the first few exercises were finished, everyone felt more free and comfortable. Every exercise was a build up over the previous, steadily leading up to something more meaningful and elaborate. By the end of it, the students had managed to script and perform skits and even learnt to collectively contribute in a given scenario.

The workshop was a fun-activity for all. Mr. Mahajan did not stress on teaching ‘acting’, believing each student had an inane acting talent and instead the students learnt techniques to bring it out, and this is what made the workshop a fun learning activity.

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