GD Goenka University is committed to providing intellectual learning spaces, both physical and virtual, to prepare its students for the world ahead of them. We are constantly reviewing and investing in our learning spaces and our infrastructure for students. The exuberant 60 acre campus is not a backdrop but rather a foreground of the future for the students.

Life at GD Goenka University is shaped not only by the campus you live on, but by the people who live here with you. Globalism is not just a theme discussed in classrooms, it is a way of life for Goenkans. International students from across the globe enrich and strengthen the tapestry of student life at GD Goenka University. With over 30 student-run clubs and organizations built around various themes, there are almost too many ways to meet people at GD Goenka who share their passions. GD Goenka University offers a richly invigorating academic community where student-centered learning is strongly encouraged.

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Prof .(Dr.) Tanuja Kaushik
Dean, Student Welfare & International Relations
GD Goenka University

We welcome you to your journey to Higher Education at G D Goenka University, where you will dream and strive to achieve your dreams, and prepare for a professional life. We are committed to nation building through our students who are the future inheritors and leaders of this glorious country. As a university, we accords equal importance to quality education and co-curricular activities, each of which helps you to learn critical life skills.

Our campus life offers the best of the facilities and a full schedule of seminars, art, sports and many other curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that enhances your knowledge, skills and attitude. G D Goenka University creates an environment that nurtures your unique talents and provides opportunities in the form of various club activities completely managed by the students. These activities on campus helps you to showcase your creativity and win appreciation that builds your confidence and prepares you to handle all kinds of challenges in the larger arena of the world.

With students from various parts of the world, G D Goenka University offers world class knowledge and gives you a chance to experience culture diversity. We have partnerships and collaborations with a number of high quality universities and institutions throughout the world with the vision of providing you the best higher education around the globe.

The University goes beyond the classroom to link education to solving real-life problems. We have designed projects which are inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in nature enabling you to see the application of their domain knowledge in other disciplines and gain in-depth cognizance of the concepts. We also have incubation center that supports you in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Each year as we bid farewell to our alumni to create their own space in the Business world, we also welcome enthusiastic new students into our fold and renew our vows to add value to every walk of their life.

GD Goenka University ensures that you feel safe and protected, healthy and happy, recognized and respected, and expect you to reciprocate the same to your fellow students, teachers and staff. It is you students who make the campus a lively place, where your dreams take shape, where you make friends for life, where you meet you! With you, we celebrate each of your successes and handhold you when you struggle, but we stand by you every time.

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