• Vision Statement of GD Goenka University

    To be an institution of global repute, facilitating learning and advancement of knowledge by enabling learners to focus on research, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and preparing socially responsible leaders.

  • Mission Statements of GD Goenka University

    To prepare globally responsible professionals through :

  • Strong foundation in the fundamentals linking knowledge and skills through experiential learning
  • Inter-disciplinary project-based learning with focus on innovation & research
  • Research enabling academic environment with state-of-the-art technological interventions
  • Focus on making education holistic and multidisciplinary in line with NEP 2020
  • Efficient systems and processes that enable all the faculty, staff and students to optimally utilise their potential
  • Collaboration with top-ranked institutions and leading corporates to facilitate exchange programmes, training and joint research
  • Inculcation of values and professional ethics with an understanding of societal & environmental responsibilities for sustainable growth
  • Enabling individuals to be competent employees, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and socially responsible leaders