Placement Highlights

Looking for a university that consistently delivers outstanding placement opportunities? GD Goenka University (GDGU) is your ideal destination. The university's Corporate Resources Center facilitates remarkable placement achievements each year, underscoring our commitment to the success of our students.

Last year, 460 companies actively participated in our placement drives, and we hosted a total of 1788 drives on campus. Among these, 195 were conducted by dream companies, while 854 represented class A companies.

What's more, 426 drives last year were from companies offering salaries above Rs. 6 lakhs, reflecting our dedication to securing lucrative career pathways for our students. When you choose GD Goenka University, you're not just choosing an institution; you're choosing a future filled with unparalleled placement opportunities and the promise of success. Your journey to a rewarding career starts here.

Summary of Placement Drives for 2023- 2024

  • Highest CTC Offered at GD Goenka University – - 41.2 LPA

School of Engineering and Sciences

  • Highest CTC Offered: Rs. 41.2 LPA
  • Average CTC Offered: Rs. 8.5 LPA

School of Management

  • Highest CTC Offered: Rs. 21 LPA
  • Average CTC Offered: Rs. 9 LPA

School of Law

  • Highest CTC Offered: Rs. 5 LPA
  • Average CTC Offered: Rs. 3 LPA

School of Health & Allied Sciences

  • Highest CTC Offered: Rs. 8 LPA
  • Average CTC Offered: Rs. 4.5 LPA

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