Dr. Kim Menezes

Prof (Dr.) Kim Menezes

Vice Chancellor

I am thrilled to announce the exciting new phase GD Goenka University has embarked on for 2023-2028. We have launched our Institutional Development Plans (IDP), setting the course under the guidance of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The university has achieved a diamond rating in teaching and learning from QS-IGUAGE and holds memberships in the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), and the International Association of Universities. Moving forward, GDGU is committed to obtaining additional national and international accreditations, including NAAC, NIRF, AMBA, among others.

To achieve our Vision Statement's ultimate goal of becoming a globally renowned institution, GD Goenka University is on a mission to cultivate global and socially responsible citizens. Long recognized for establishing a strong foundation in a wide array of knowledge areas, GDGU enhances this with valuable skills through experiential learning. Well ahead of its widespread adoption in Indian higher education, GDGU has been championing the benefits of interdisciplinary, project-based learning with an emphasis on innovation and research. Our motto, "From Foundation To Flight," reflects our commitment to nurturing the leadership and entrepreneurial potential of each student until they assume their rightful roles in society and the global arena.

To navigate the evolving dynamics of society in a rapidly changing world, we have established three overarching goals: Good Governance, Research Excellence, and Excellence in Teaching & Learning. Good governance will be realized by adhering to the university's vision, mission, and values, complying with legal and regulatory frameworks, and upholding progressive and ethical standards aimed at achieving several of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Achieving research excellence is crucial for GDGU both now and in the future. Immediate actions are being taken to foster an environment that empowers students and faculty, encouraging and rewarding original research and the creation of intellectual property. Excellence in teaching and learning is an ongoing endeavour at the university, pursued through enriching the curriculum with innovative pedagogies, courses, and teaching methods, promoting interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education, monitoring student progression, and investing in faculty development, student employability, and entrepreneurial skills.

At its core, our university prioritizes people, which is why values are central to our strategic approach. Our mission is to be a force for positive change by uniting students from diverse backgrounds to engage, inform, and transform. We are supported by a dedicated and diverse faculty who form dynamic teams and establish partnerships for educational and research initiatives. Our goal is to prepare our students for a rewarding life. By excelling in these areas, we will enhance our reputation both nationally and internationally and seize the opportunities that lie ahead..

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