IPR cell

An educational institution needs to initiate creativity and research by providing a conducive environment. For such activities along with teaching, IPR plays an immense role in the research domain which essentially helps in enhancing the teaching learning process giving the institution an edge over the other existing institutions.

In this direction, G D GOENKA UNIVERSITY initiated the formation of IPR Cell to encourage research and provide conducive environment to researchers. The IPR cell of GDGU aims to create awareness on IPR among the stakeholders of GDGU.


  • To provide a framework to foster innovation and creativity in the areas of technology, sciences and humanities by nurturing new ideas and research by an ethical practice. 
  • To protect intellectual property (IP) rights generated by faculty/ personnel, students and staff of GDGU. 
  • To lay down an efficient, fair and transparent administrative process for ownership control and assignment of IP rights and sharing of revenues generated by IP, created and owned by GDGU. 
  • To promote more collaborations between academia and industry through better clarity on IP ownership and IP licensing. 
  • To create a mechanism for knowledge generation and its commercial exploitation