Guest Lecture on ‘Crime’

Jubilating ‘Republic Day’
January 25, 2017
January 27, 2017

When we think of Police, a certain picture comes to our minds, one that has a dreaded fear attached to it and we generally want to keep away from them but September 26, 2016 was different. All the students at the School of Humanities eagerly awaited their guest from the Police Department. This was no ordinary guest but Dr. Rajbir Deswal, Additional Director General, Haryana Police interacting with the students who wanted to know what does Police do, and what goes on in a Policeman’s life and how they handle criminals. It turned out that they are as human as one could be, they have the same miseries and stress that anyone has. It is a job that they do and a tough one at that, where they feel that if they are around people have a problem, if they are not, people have a bigger problem.

Dr. Deswal spoke to a packed hall about policemen, law and criminals. He shared his various experiences and the perspective he gained from each of these experiences. He shared an incident and how it changed his viewpoint about the treatment of criminals and made him dig deeper into their psyche. He talked about how his writing is a way for him to unwind the stress he undergoes while dealing with cases of different sensitivity. Dr. Deswal is not only a multi-talented and multi-decorated, respected police officer but a prolific writer too. With books like – Wit and Humor of Haryana and My Own Khajurao to his credit he has many more to enlist.

After sharing his words of wisdom, Dr. Deswal welcomed questions from the audience. He answered all the questions with facts and real life experiences which he has encountered throughout his profession. His anecdotes were very insightful and helped gain a different perspective about policemen, criminals and life in general. He also talked about how the gap between community and the police needs to be bridged, and how it falls upon each individual’s responsibility to make it happen. The session threw light on his perspectives both as a policeman and a commoner. In his concluding remarks, Dr. Rajbir Deswal mesmerized the audience with his poems.

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