Guest lecture on Socio-Cultural Responsibilities in GD Goenka School of Architecture and Planning

Learning session with Ms. Sonal Mehrorta Kapur, Anchor and Associate Editor from NDTV at GD Goenka School of Communication
September 25, 2017
GD Goenka University Observe World Tourism Day
September 29, 2017

Students of GD Goenka School of Architecture and Planning were sensitized towards their socio-cultural responsibilities by organizing a Guest Lecture by Representatives of “Impart”. Mr. Jatin and Mr. Nikhil ( Core Team Members of Impart) along with student representative, Ms.Shreya Jain sensitized the students and told them about their various activities, vision, and mission. Students were also engaged in an hands-on-activity. The NGO works for children of shelter homes since 2014. This Guest Lecture was a part of their Humanities Course Curriculum and the session was organized by Faculty Incharge Mr. Anuj Seth.

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