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About the Library & Information Resource Center

G D Goenka University, Library is the soul of the institution and it has an extensive collection of books, Engineering, Management, Architecture & Planning, Communication, Fashion & Design, Hospitality, Humanities & Social Sciences, Medical and Allied Sciences, Law and Education and has a rich reference collection for satisfying the academic and research needs of students and faculty community. The Library and Information Centre consists a Reference Section, Circulation Section, Audio-visual Section, Periodical Section, Book Bank and Digital Library. The University library has automated all its library activitiesthrough Library Software to provide effective and wide range of academic resources such as books, journals, online databases, DVDs and other useful materials. GDGU Library & Information Resource Center with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services fills an essential role for student, faculty, and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. It is a hybrid library with the state-of-the-art technological applications. Users can access the online databases (EResources).The Library offers widerange of information services to support the learning process set to the highest professional standards.

Vision & Mission

  • GDGU Library & Information Resource Center will be an excellent, modern knowledge resource center to disseminate latest information for teaching, learning and research of the University's diverse community by providing modern library and information services
  • Adopt effective online digital innovative policy, encourage lifelong learning and implement the best management practices

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday09.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M
Library closed on University Holidays

Library Collection: at a Glance

Library develops a rich collection with the objective to enrich the knowledge of the GDGU academic community through books,journals, audio-visual materials, CD-ROMs, e-journals, and online databases.

Library & Information Resource Center

The library has a huge collection of Reference and text books. Books are being arranged on open access shelves for easy search and retrieval purposes

Reference Collection: While most books are available for issue, some of the books kept exclusively for reference inside the library purpose. The reference books can be photocopied subject to copyright regulations.

Textbooks Collection: Library & Information Resource Center has a wide collection of national and International new and latest edition of textbooks.Books are organized and arranged according to Dewey decimal classification scheme.

General Book Collection: Library & Information Resource Center also has an impressive number of light reading collections that include literature, sports, fiction and selfdevelopment books for improving the reading habits among the students

News Paper Collection: Library & Information Resource Center is subscribing daily newspapers both in English and Hindi languages to satisfy the needs of all types of user community.

Print Journals: Library & Information Resource Center is subscribing 60 National & International Print Journals for the academic and research needs of the GDGU academic community.

Magazines: Library & Information Resource Center has been subscribing a good number of magazines both in English and Hindi languages and subject periodicals to satisfy the academic and reference needs of both student and faculty community.

Reports: The library has a separate collection of various reports, conference proceedings, dissertations and Project reports of various Institutes.

Audio & Visual collection: The Library has a rich Audio &Visual collection ofeducational and Recreational DVDs &CDs.

Online Catalogue: The online bibliography database of the University library can access through internet for checking particular titles by author's name, keyword or title. Library catalogue has been computerized through automated library software package. Library catalogue can also be searched using a common web browser from any terminal located in the campus.

Reservation of the Documents: Users may reserve the desired book,can contact at Circulation Counter for reservation of the books.

Xerox Facility: Xeroxing facility is available for users of the University at nominal cost of Rs. 1.00 per page.

Institutional Membership


Library has also acquired Institutional Memberships of DELNET: Developing Library Network.The Library arranges books and journal articles from other libraries in Delhi on Inter Library Loan (ILL). Photocopies of research articles are also arranged from other IITs under a resource sharing agreement signed by all IITs. The Library also facilitates Demand based procurement of research publications, photocopies of research articles, etc. from other IITs and institutions in Delhi as well as from other parts of India on reciprocal basis.

Document procurement services can be made available from DELNET delivery services( if the user is willing to bear the expenses (e.g. Postal charges, Photocopy charges, etc.) involved.

Shodhganga(INFLIBNET): A Reservoir Of Indian Theses:

Library is Institutional member of Shodhganga. Shodhgangais the name coined to denote digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations set-up by the INFLIBNET Centre. The word "Shodh" originates from Sanskrit and stands for research and discovery. The "Ganga" is the holiest, largest and longest of all rivers in Indian subcontinent. The Ganga is the symbol of India's age-long culture and civilization, ever-changing, ever-flowing, ever-loved and revered by its people, and has held India's heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. Shodhganga stands for the reservoir of Indian intellectual output stored in a repository hosted and maintained by the INFLIBNET Centre.

Library Entry

Entry in Library admission shall be granted to the members of the library provided that

  1. Each member shall sign the gate register in token of his acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library.
  2. Each student shall be required to produce the Identity Card on demand.
  3. The member should not under the influence of intoxicants.
  4. The member shall be properly dressed.
  5. The member shall not carry any belongings except money purse, note book and identity cards inside the Library.
  6. Library Attendant at the check counter is empowered to examine everything that passes into/out of the library.
  7. The member should keep silence within the library.
  8. The member should not smoke nor spit in the library.
  9. The member should not misbehave nor damage the documents or other properties of the library.
  10. Library documents taken out for consultation from shelves should not be restored to the shelves; they should be left on the reading tables in the library.

General Rules & Regulations

  1. While entering the library except laptops, readers are not allowed to carry their personal belongings (bags, brief-cases, parcels etc.) and eatable items (biscuits, cookies, fruits, chocolates, cold drinks, tea/coffee, etc.). Their belongings should be deposited at the security counter.
  2. Always carry your library membership card when you visit the library, failing so will forbid your entry to library.
  3. Use of cell phone and smoking inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  4. Library's photocopying services are fee based and the users must comply with relevant copyright legislation.
  5. Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged with the full replacement cost of damaged material and may lead to suspension of library account and be barred from entering the library.
  6. Readers should maintain peace in the library and should not disturb other users in any way
  7. Users of the library should note that all e-resources subscribed are licensed materials and cannot be shared with outside community as it may lead to copyright/license violation.
  8. Readers are requested to handle the Library property carefully to avoid damage.
  9. Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine their personal belongings.
  10. Readers are required to leave their belongings, like umbrellas, files, books etc. at the Property Counter. The library staff at the Circulation Counter is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out of the Library.
  11. Users can bring only note-book or paper inside the Library.
  12. The library rules and regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding in all concerned.
  13. In the event of any doubt or dispute arising in the interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Chairman of the Library Committee shall be final
  14. The Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings. All files, books, and notebooks must be presented to the security guard at the checkpoint for inspection while leaving the Library. Library does not permit any exception in the observance of this rule.
  15. Reference Documents like Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Year Books, Journals (Loose & Bound), Theses, Project Reports, Census, Handbooks will not be issued out.
  16. Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Please avoid keeping the volumes open on the table or putting with their faces down, or inserting note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.
  17. Books loaned should be protected from RAIN, DUST, INSECTS, etc. Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged with the full replacement cost of damaged material and may lead to suspension of library account and be barred from entering the library.
  18. Theftis a serious offense and appropriate action will be taken against offenders.
  19. Chairs and tables should not be disturbed from their position.
  20. Digital Library is to be used for academic purposes only. Online Chatting in the Digital Library is not allowed.
  21. Browsing of social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters. Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.


The online bibliography database of the University library can access through internet for checking particular titles by author's name, keyword or title. Web Opac


The online bibliography database of the University library can access through internet for checking particular titles by author's name, keyword or title. Web Opac


Number of books entitlement

 (1). Faculty Members: 7Books: 120 Days (2). Staff Members: 2Books: 15 Days
 (3). Ph.D. Students: 5 Books: 30 Days. (4). PostGraduatesStudents: 5 Books: 15 Days
(5). Under Graduates Students: 3Books. 15 Days.(6) Visiting Faculty: 2 Books: 7 Days.

Reserved Books:

Faculty and Students: One book for overnight

Periodicals and Serials:

periodicals and serials can be issued to Faculty and Students for overnight.

Reference Books:

Not to be issued to Students.

Theses, dissertations, books of plates, rare books, books out of print, reprints, microfilms, reference books of general nature such as encyclopedia, almanacs, directories, hand books, reports, pamphlets, technical bulletins shall not be issued for home reading and can be consulted in the library.

Loan Conditions:

Books shall be loaned subject to the following conditions:

  1. Borrower should get satisfied that the library document lent is in sound condition and the pages are neither missing nor torn. In case a library document is found to be damaged and the same has not been reported to the Library Attendant, the borrower shall be held responsible for such damage (s) and the borrower shall be required to replace it or pay the value there of as determined by the Librarian.
  2. Library document should not be spoiled by underlining or writing with pen, pencil, ink, or by any other means.
  3. Library document loaned for the normal period may be renewed for one more loan period on production of the same provided they are not already claimed by other readers.
  4. Library document is non-transferable,norshall any member borrow library documents(s) on other member's account.

Fines and Penalties:

1. The following charges shall be recovered for each library document retained more than the period of loan from the borrower as per the library rules.

Books lost: The member shall report immediately to the Librarian loss of any library document(s) borrowed from the library. Chargeswill be recovered for the loss of library document(s) as per the Library rule and regulation.

Damage or Mutilation: Replacement or repairs or the cost of the document plus fine up to Rs.50/-

Print Journals & Magazines

Afaques! Reporter

All India reporter

Anweshika: Journal of teacher education

Apparel online magazine

Architecture: time space & people

ASCI journal of management

Asia pacific media educator

Asian economic review

Asian Journal of management cases

Bakery review

Better photography

Bhartiya adhunik shiksha

Business India

Business today

Capital markets


Clean and hygiene review

Communicator: Indian institute of mass communication

Company cases

Corporate India (fortune India)

Corporate law advisor

Creative gaga

Criminal law journal

Dalal street investment Journal



Design detail

Down to earth

Economic & political weekly


Education and society

Education and welfare

Education for all

Education times


EPC world

Finance India

Food and beverage business review

Food and beverage news

Harvard business review

Hospitality biz

Hotel business review

Human capital


IIMB management review

Images business of fashion

India today

Indian bar review

Indian drugs

Indian educational review

Indian Journal of chemistry section 'A'

Indian Journal of chemistry section 'B'

Indian Journal of economics and business

Indian Journal of experimental biology

Indian Journal of industrial relation

Indian Journal of natural products and resource

Indian Journal of pharmaceutical education and research

Indian Journal of pharmaceutics

Indian Journal of pharmacology

Indian Journal of teacher education

International Journal of advances drug delivery

International Journal of advances in pharmacological sciences

International Journal of pharmaceutical sciences and education research

International Journal of pharmacy and technology

International Journal of pure and applied chemistry

Japan architect

Journal of educational planning and administration

Journal of Indian education

Journal of intellectual property rights

Journal of landscape architecture

Labour law reporter


Mgs: modern green structures and architecture

Mims India (monthly index of medical specialties)

NBM & CW (new building materials & construction world)

Outlook money magazine


PC quest

Pool magazine

Prathmik Shikshak

Primary teachers

Print and publishing

Readers digest

School science

South Asia economic journal

South Asian Journal of management

Stuff India

Supreme court cases

Teacher support

Teri: terragreen

The Architectural review

The Indian journal of hospital pharmacy

The Management accountant

Thoughts of education

Time Asia

University news




Vogue India

University Publications

Journals, Conference Publications & Newsletters

  • D Goenka Journal of Applied Psychology
  • G D Goenka Business Review
  • G D Goenka UNI-BUZZ
  • G D Goenka G-FLASH
  • G D Goenka National & International Conference Publications
  • G D Goenka PERSPICAZ

Electronics Resources

Online Database

Library is subscribing more than 29450 e-journals and magazines National and International in full-text through the online databases especially for the academic and research needs of the GDGU academic community.

Open Access E-Resources

This resource guide serves as gateway to various resources available under the Open Access Initiative. Millions of Open Access Resources are available in various forms and types such as ejournals, e-books, Electronic Theses & Dissertations, Directories, e-print archives, digital repositories, open education resources, search engines and blogs etc. All these resources are scholarly and useful to support our academic and research work and are available on the web. Most of these being free, can be accessed without any restrictions at the user end. Resources listed here are mainly on the web, except few, which are part of library collection. This resource guide, enable you to access at one point, a large number of national and international scholarly resources and by no means is a comprehensive list, but serves as a useful starting point. We strive to add newer resources and keep the entire range of resource lists updated from time to time. We request your active participation in making this resource guide as useful starting point for scholarly resources and request for your comments and suggestions.


Open Access Library

The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences. OAPEN works with publishers to build a quality controlled collection of Open Access books, and provides services for publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of dissemination, quality assurance and digital preservation.

Online Educational Videos

NPTEL (National Program on Technological Enhanced Learning):

NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanity streams.. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware.

Swayam Program:

SWAYAM is a programme(Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC): initiated by Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality.

Bibliographic Databases

Guidelines for Fair Use of e-Resources

Electronic resources such as e-journals, e-databases, e-books made available by the Library for academic use. These resources can be searched, browsed and material may be downloaded and printed as single copies of articles as is done in the case of printed library material. Downloading or printing of a complete book or an entire issue or a volume of one or more journals (called systematic downloading) is strictly prohibited.

Library helpdesk:

For any query / suggestions, please contact us at : Email: ,Ph. 124 – 3315900, Extn. 4101,Ph. 124 – 3315900, Extn. 3137,


Dr. Swadesh Sharma

Dy. Librarian cum Asst. Professor

Mrs. KalyaniBehera

Library Assistant

Library Committee Members:

Prof. (Dr.) S Shantha Kumar

Dean SoL/Dean Academics, GDGU Library Committee (Convener) Chairperson

Engineering & Technology