Message from the Vice Chancellor

Welcome to GD Goenka University, where helping students fulfill their aspirations and dreams is our top priority. We work with students to design customized educational plans that meet their individual goals. We offer a personalized learning environment with great deal of flexibility and continuous mentoring. And we integrate knowledge with strong ethics and leadership skills.

Education has always played a great role in the advancement of humankind. However, our world is still facing several challenges. Educators will continue to have a significant impact on overcoming these challenges and eventually improving the quality of life, thanks to the focus on research and innovation. We are living in a period of rapid changes when skills and expertise in several fields are expanding across the globe. There are unique opportunities today to produce leaders in various disciplines, who not only advance the knowledge of specific professions but who are also sensitive to protecting the environment and maintaining equity and the wealth of natural resources. We at GD Goenka University are committed to producing world-class leaders who can make a difference to the society.

The focus of GD Goenka University is to provide education to students from diverse backgrounds and develop professionals of the future. Our vision is to become an internationally recognized institution of higher learning through inclusive, innovative and value based education, distinguished by a commitment to excellence thus contributing in creation of a better future.We are proud of our achievements in such a short span of time of its establishment but we can’t afford to be complacent. We take great pride in our interdisciplinary research culture. We are committed to ensuring that our engagement with industry and academic partners drives innovation and that we provide our students with opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship to support creation of new jobs and new businesses.

The University is well known for its high-quality academic programmes and research through focused activities, excellence of its motivated faculty and the state-of-the-art facilities. The academic programmes aims to better prepare students for new challenges through stronger ethics and entrepreneurship components. We are committed to give our students an environment where they would be able to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they advance through the program. At GD Goenka University, the students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classroom through experimentation in the laboratories so that they become confident and skilled professionals. As we strive to be at the forefront of education, we believe in maintaining excellent relationship with industry and leading research centers for joint projects, trainings and internships.

Our programs emphasize a low student-to-faculty ratio. It provides students with excellent opportunities to work closely with faculty members, which enhances the quality of the education and gives individual attention that ensures an excellent training experience. We have a team of dedicated scholars as members of faculty and experts from the industry as advisors who create an exciting and friendly environment for learning.

As we look into the future, one thing is certain – knowledge, skill and attitude will continue to be the key factors in education and will be the most sought-after words. As a leading institution of higher learning, our challenge is to help to generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train students to work in fields so that they will be valued not only for their specialized knowledge but also for their skill-set and behavior.

Whether you are a student, a parent, or a curious individual, we invite you to visit our campus to witness the state-of-the-art facilities and excellent teaching-learning atmosphere. Here at GD Goenka, we inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, motivate actions and define the promise of tomorrow. I am happy that you are considering GD Goenka University for your study, and I look forward to helping you take this exciting step in your education.

Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha
Vice Chancellor