Panel Discussion on Good Governance at G.D. Goenka University

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March 20, 2014
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April 3, 2014

On March 7th 2014, as part of their techno-cultural annual fest Acceleron 2014, G.D. Goenka University (GDGU) was host to a Panel Discussion on Good Governance. Good Governance is the latest buzzword today which, in the background of current social, economic and political scenario, has come to occupy the mind space of young and old alike. Governance is an area that touches our lives irrespective of age, class, gender, occupation that we belong to. It is our individual concern as well as collective concern to ensure fair and good governance.

The panelists were Gen. V.K. Singh, former Chief of Army Staff; Prof. Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, GDGU; Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, eminent lawyer; Ms. Shalini Singh, eminent journalist, Hindu and Prof. P.K. Goel, former bureaucrat and Dean of School of Management, GDGU. Mr. Kalyan Chatterjee acted as the moderator.

Speaking first, Prof. Raj Singh set the agenda for good governance in academics and institutes of higher education. He highlighted the role of good governance in these institutions in expansion of social opportunities, empowerment, employment and efficient delivery of services.

Prof. Goel taking cues from his long experience in Railways talked about many examples of good governance in public services. He vociferously expounded on the benefits of IT and mobile telephony in todays’ context and how these technologies can be used to maximize the benefits of public policies and remove poverty. General VK Singh talk was punctuated by numerous anecdotes from his long career in army which all highlighted how good governance in various areas made a difference in the lives of the people.

Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi talked about another aspect of good governance i.e. securing Justice and women empowerment. She also took up the issue of how different political parties must be very sincere in not only formulating but also implementing the policies and schemes and review them periodically. Ms. Shalini Singh was the last speaker who talked of her long struggle with corruption in public life and how good governance would have helped reduce such incidences. She also encouraged the young students to be fearless and not to succumb to external pressures.

The panel discussion could ignite a lot of interest in the student community as there were a lot of questions from them for all the speakers and the discussion continued even after the close of the session.


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